I dont have a big enough zoom lens to capture the #bloodmoon (the biggest dot), but I figured out how to make things show up in the dark! good enough for tonight

Apr 15 12:51am

hello creepy CPR baby

Apr 12 12:07pm


Avenge me…

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Apr 10 3:44am


Seven the Kitty [facebook]

And the title of “World’s Cutest Cat” belongs to…

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jumping on the skorts trend a little too late haha #ootd #wiwt

sunday nights

happy birthday to the bestestest brother ^^ 21!!

my 1st goldfish lived 10+ yrs and I havent had any since - its slightly embarrassing how excited I am about this ^^

a commercial set at school hehe - couldnt manage to snap a shot of the cute actor playing a student, poop.

didnt have the right noodles so these will have to do - home made jjajangmyun~